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How You Can Help Us

The average cost of spaying/neutering a cat and providing rabies vaccines is $100. The Petsmart Foundation estimates there are 12,000 feral and stray cats in the seven towns we service. TNR for all these cats would cost $1.2 million! In addition, there are costs for traps, crates, food and other incidentals. Your donations make a difference and are always appreciated. And there are other ways you can help.

    * Volunteer as a caregiver to help with managing the individual colonies.
    * Provide a foster home for kittens.
    * Assist in trapping cats to go to the vet.
    * Transport cats to and from the vet.
    * Help with grant writing and fundraising.
    * Build sheltered food stations.

Wish List


Foster homes

VIRTUAL FOSTER HOMES. If you can't foster a cat, please consider being a virtual foster by donating $25 monthly for vet bills, food, and litter for one of our cats.

Cat Supplies
Chicken Soup for the Soul Dry Cat or Kitten food for our fosters (The Dog House in Green Valley)
Royal Canin Baby Cat dry food for foster kittens (Petco or Petsmart)
Any dry and canned cat food for feral colonies
Swheat Scoop or World's Best litter (Petco and Petsmart)
KMR brand kitten milk replacement, liquid
Twin flat sheets for covering large feral cat kennels
Empty litter buckets with lids for mixing dry cat food for colonies
4'x4'x4' folding wire pens for the barn relocation program has a program where folks can donate great beds for our cats at a substantial reduction when done online. Our cats love them.

Office Supplies
Computer/copy paper
post card stamps
Toner cartridges for HP Deskjet 722C
Card Table
4-foot tables

Gift Cards
Petco, Petsmart, Lowes, Home Depot

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