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Pun-Kin (AKA Orange & Toby)

December 28, 2013 8:18 PM | Anonymous

You would laugh so hard if you could see him now.  He has got us trained

to do a lot of petting and talking.  In the morning his routine is to greet

us around 5-6am when we get up.  He talks all the time we are getting

dressed for the day and walks with me to his feed dish (wants it filled

even if it already has food in it) --- just in case!!  Then back to the

footstool for a belly rub and he'll lay on his back until he gets it!!

Than a quick little dance and down the hall to the litter pan.  After I

have my breakfast, he will continue to talk until I sit down to read the

paper.  That's his cue to get in my lap thus preventing me from reading

until he goes to sleep!

His personality is starting to shine.  Well behaved except for the usual

kitty curiosity.  Loves to be combed and likes his treats.  He was too big

for a normal kitty bed so he has a box a big wreath came in with blanket

and towel to muss up to his satisfaction.  Every cat we have owned has had

a unique personality and Pun-Kin is no exception.

We hope you had a good Christmas.  We spent ours with our 'snowbird'

friends.  May you have a blessed New Year with peace and joy.  Thank

you for looking after God's creatures.

Carl and Shirley


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