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Our Success Stories

Every one of the cats we encounter have stories to tell, and these are just some of stories of special cats who crossed our paths and allowed us to make their lives—and ours--better.
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  • June 14, 2015 7:29 PM | Anonymous

    Thought I would send you an update on our new additions to our home.  We

    did decide to keep their given names and they respond to them quite well.

    We took them for their shots yesterday. Both of them have acclimated to

    their setting quite well. They are very playful with each other but also

    are trying to dominate one another.  Ricky is larger than Patty (if I

    remember correctly Ricky is 5 lbs 4 ozs and Patty is 4 lbs 5 ozs). They

    are two peas in a pod. They do everything together including using the

    litter box at the same time! Both of them have gotten very close to us.

    Our bedroom is off-limits (I have allergies). Every morning they have

    their paws under our door until we come out to feed them. They are quite a

    pair!  We are really happy that we got them both. 

    Always know that they are in good hands.


    Marcella & Bill 

  • April 01, 2015 5:20 PM | Anonymous

    You wouldn't believe how amazing Amy Rose is and how Worthy and her are best friends... Worthy cuddles with Amy Rose and jumps in her crib to get some kisses. She was exactly what hoped for and she is in love with all of us as we are her. She loves sleeping in the sink and has taken over the tree house... at night the real show starts and they are like two kids pouncing... thanks again

  • February 04, 2015 9:59 AM | Anonymous

    Ash and Raven are wonderful & have adjusted well.  Ash is a major snuggler & still loves food.  Raven is the michevious trouble maker that blazes around the house with toys in her mouth and she loves being petted.  They are so cute!  If you've ever seen the Broadway production of 'Cats' their antics are like Mungojerrie & Rumpleteazer (T.S. Eliot) .  So silly! Ash has a need to lay on you at night and purr; especially  likes to lay with his paws on your neck & or have his face in your face.  Raven is happy curling up at your back or tummy.  Here are a few pictures of them.  Ash doesn't stay still very long for a good photo.  Morgan & my husband even built them a cat tree. Raven loves laying in the middle of the kitchen. 


  • January 27, 2015 8:11 PM | Anonymous

    Porter aka "Buddy" and Bailey aka "Minnie" are doing well and are getting along well with our other cats and dogs. They both have such fun personalities and are giving us a all a lot of enjoyment. We posted a pic on the Paws Patrol facebook page:

    Porter aka Buddy and Bailey aka Minnie with their new housemate are doing well !

    Porter & Bailey

    We will forward you a few more cute pics and keep you posted with updates as they grow up.

  • October 28, 2014 7:55 PM | Anonymous
    Paws Patrol is proud to work with other local Non-Profit groups. See how we assisted Equine Voices HERE!

  • July 15, 2014 7:51 PM | Anonymous
    Check out this Green Valley News  article about Paws Patrol's work with a feral cat community in Rio Rico. Many of our volunteers worked hard along with other community members including The Animal League of Green Valley and Dr. Joanne Lefebvre Connolly. Your support does make a difference!

  • December 29, 2013 2:14 PM | Anonymous
    We are the family that adopted Belle in July. She is doing great in her new home. She has a new playmate, Tobey. Tobey is a little over a year old. We adopted Tobey last Christmas when he was a kitten. He adores Belle. They play together and constantly give each other kisses. They have become best friends. Belle also has a seven year old King Charles Cavalier in her new home. Belle loves to play with her feather toys and has a kitty condo in the window to take cat naps. Belle is the sweetest cat we have ever had. We are so lucky to have her in our family.
    Recently my ten year old daughter had a hot chocolate stand in the neighborhood when our community was having a yard sale. She raised $70.00 for Green Valley Paws Patrol. Enclosed is the money she raised. Please put the money towards the foster cats and finding good homes.

    Angie, David and Emma Rupp
  • December 28, 2013 8:18 PM | Anonymous

    You would laugh so hard if you could see him now.  He has got us trained

    to do a lot of petting and talking.  In the morning his routine is to greet

    us around 5-6am when we get up.  He talks all the time we are getting

    dressed for the day and walks with me to his feed dish (wants it filled

    even if it already has food in it) --- just in case!!  Then back to the

    footstool for a belly rub and he'll lay on his back until he gets it!!

    Than a quick little dance and down the hall to the litter pan.  After I

    have my breakfast, he will continue to talk until I sit down to read the

    paper.  That's his cue to get in my lap thus preventing me from reading

    until he goes to sleep!

    His personality is starting to shine.  Well behaved except for the usual

    kitty curiosity.  Loves to be combed and likes his treats.  He was too big

    for a normal kitty bed so he has a box a big wreath came in with blanket

    and towel to muss up to his satisfaction.  Every cat we have owned has had

    a unique personality and Pun-Kin is no exception.

    We hope you had a good Christmas.  We spent ours with our 'snowbird'

    friends.  May you have a blessed New Year with peace and joy.  Thank

    you for looking after God's creatures.

    Carl and Shirley

  • July 26, 2013 9:58 AM | Anonymous

    Domino was a Paws Patrol rescue when she got stuck in our shipping container and survived eleven days with no food or water. Patti Hogan caught her for us. We returned Domino to Wisconsin where she survived another winter while we basked in the AZ sun. 

    Upon our return to WI she took to us after many hours of love and patience. Domino now wears a collar and sleeps on our bed! The tabby is her offspring...Smokey Joe. We had captured all Dominos kittens and worked with a WI vet to have them spayed and returned to the outdoors. Domino elluded us for four years prior to being caught in our POD. Thanks Patti!

    Ann Hirz


                                            Smokey Joe

  • August 23, 2012 7:40 PM | Anonymous

    Drooley, aka Walenga, came to us through Paws Patrol as a group of ranch cats we loved from afar. Over time Drooley started to be comfortable closer to humans.

    He started talking in combinations of meows and hisses. He seemed to want to be rubbed on but was still too scared. In winter of 2012 he finally got within arm's length and I was able to pat him. He started to drool from the experience (hence his name)! Since then he has become the coolest cat! I love that when I get home in the evening and he comes out from his hiding spot so I can see him. So I stop the car and get out giving him a cuddle before driving on to the house. He is just the best, and no matter what my day has been like at work, his cuddles make all the tension just wash away. I really enjoy each cuddle I get. He has turned into a big love-bug feral.   Bobbi Lehman

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