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Our Success Stories

Max and Sparky

November 12, 2007 2:42 PM | Anonymous
max and SparkyA nice couple in Green Valley asked Paws Patrol to trap a very large tomcat who was climbing their screens and annoying their indoor only spayed female cat. He was so large that he completely filled the trap. Paws Patrol named him Max, for obvious reasons, and it was soon evident that he had at some point in his five years been a house cat. He moved into his foster home and much to everyone’s surprise, he was a great surrogate dad to the foster kittens, he just did not like adult cats. Then Sparky came to live with the other foster cats. His mom was feral, and he was a very young, frightened and sick kitten. For a while, it seemed like he might not be a survivor but then Max took over. His size and gentle nature made the little guy feel protected, and Sparky’s health began to improve. They were a definite Odd Couple and once again, Paws Patrol wanted them to be adopted together. Then a wonderful older lady came to an adoption fair and immediately feel in love with Max. She wasn’t sure about taking Sparky since a kitten requires more work, especially a very shy kitten, but she agreed to try it. Within just a few days, she understood why the two felines had to stay together and she constantly tells us how much love and joy they give her, and we know from their pictures that they are very happy indeed.

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