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March 01, 2007 2:46 PM | Anonymous
DaisyDaisy In spring 2007, Paws Patrol was asked to Trap and Neuter a colony of about 20 cats, and adopt out any tame ones to reduce the size of the colony. Although there were no tame adult cats in the colony, there were 7 kittens about 4 months old who might be able to be tamed, so Paws decided to keep them for a month or so and re-evaluate the situation at that time. During that time, the kittens came down with ringworm so over the course of another month, they were handled daily despite their hisses, scratches and other signs of displeasure. Once they were well, the general feeling was that they would still take many months of socializing so it would probably be best to return them to the colony where there were adult cats and a friendly family dog to protect them. Unfortunately, someone had killed the dog days before so Paws decided to keep the kittens in foster homes. The kittens seemed to know they were given a second chance and most were adopted. And that brings us to Daisy. She is a beautiful brown tabby who went to a foster home with many cats and dogs and held her own. She matured into a wonderful “teacher” for kittens, and one year after she left the colony, her foster mom proudly made her a permanent member of the family. Now she is learning to walk with a harness and leash so when she travels in the family motorhome with the other pets, she can go on walks around the country. 
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  • July 30, 2013 11:23 AM | Charlotte Simons
    I would love to know how to go about training cats to go in motor homes. We have two adopted kitties that have been house cats their entire lives (one had been a feral kitten) and never go beyond our screened-in porch. We just bought a motor home and would like to take them with us but had never heard of anyone traveling with a cat! What's first?
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