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Working Cat Program

barn programOccasionally, when we trap feral and unsociable cats, we need to move them to a qualified home. These cats are healthy, sterilized and in desperate need of a new outdoor home, such as a barn, horse stable, warehouse or other suitable outdoor location. We do not adopt cats as barn cats that are suitable to be indoor pets. If you have a barn or safe outbuilding, there are cats that need you. Having a barn cat or cats will help keep down the rodent population. So the cats will help you, while you provide them a safe, long-term place to live. And because these cats are already spayed/neutered, you won't have to worry about endless litters of kittens appearing! Check out this article on working cats here

What Paws Patrol Provides

BARNPaws Patrol pays for the spay/neuter and vaccinations for all barn cats up to the time they are adopted by you. When you adopt a barn cat, we will review with you how to acclimate your new cat to the barn and make them feel at home.

What You Provide

The barn owner agrees to give the adopted cats: * Shelter in barns, buildings or stables * Daily food and water-cats cannot live on mousing alone * Long-term veterinary care, as needed (they are sterilized and vaccinated now) * A secure place to keep them for the first 3-4 weeks, while they acclimate to your barn. This can be a tack room, or any secure indoor enclosure from which they cannot escape. We can lend you a cat condo if no secure area is available.


Stump kittyYour daily responsibility will be to provide daily food and water, protection from the elements, and long-term vet care. There is a $20 adoption fee per barn cat.  Individuals in need of help with the relocation or trapping of a feral cat will provide a contribution of $20 to help with the care and placement of the cat. This "non-toxic" pest control saves barn cat owners money and prevents the horses, livestock, and dogs from being accidentally poisoned.

The Process

colony (process)A Paws Patrol volunteer will inspect the location to ensure it will provide a suitable environment and then have you complete an adoption application. When we have barn cat placements for you, our volunteers will help you acclimate the cats to make them feel at home. These feral/stray cats have adapted to sharing space with humans with little fear or stress, but still prefer not to be patted or held. Generally, they are happiest and more confident in the company of other cats as they were once a part of a feral colony. It is difficult for feral cats to adjust to new places and people-they require a lot of patience and understanding of their needs. Before you receive the cats, we ask you to familiarize yourself with the relocation information in "Safe Relocation of Feral Cats" by Alley Cat Allies, which we will provide. Then if you decide to take a feral cat for your working barn, we ask that you take at least two, or that a single cat join an existing group of barn cats, as these cats need to be around other cats.

Cat Delivery

barncatOur barn cats are delivered to their new homes by a Paws Patrol volunteer. We can provide our barn cats with a safe "cat condo" to live in for 3-4 weeks in their new location to help them acclimate to their new home without the danger of having them run away in search of their former colony. After this short period of secure confinement, the cats will accept their new home. Prior to placement, all will have the left ear tipped to indicate they are spayed or neutered and have had their initial feline and rabies vaccines.

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