Heroes happen everyday. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank those who have made a difference in the lives of animals.

  • December 02, 2018 8:53 AM | Anne Anderson (Administrator)

    " I adopted 4-year-old Delia from you in April of 2017, and she is enriching my life every day. She has a beautiful long coat, big green eyes and meows all the time. I have a fully walled yard and her short legs can't get her to the top, so I let her out with my constant attendance. I recently planted two small trees in a flower bed and she loves to sit in the tree well, even if it is slightly damp. She loves to go outside after a rain, or even during drizzle. Thank you for your gift of Delia."

    -Margaret Lacey

  • November 04, 2018 1:31 PM | Anne Anderson (Administrator)

    Scooter is doing wonderful!  He is such a sweetheart.  I’ve included a picture of the feral cat, that we have been feeding, and Scooter meeting today for the first time.  I don’t encourage this relationship, but Scooter seems to enjoy it along with the many birds flying in and out of my yard.  He has adjusted very well.  Every morning he runs (runs very fast) through the house for about 5 minutes, then sleeps until 2:00 or 3:00.  I thoroughly enjoy Scooter, he’s a great companion!

    -Susan Canestre

  • June 30, 2017 8:23 AM | Anne Anderson (Administrator)

    "This calendar is from an amazing organization called Paws Patrol about an hour away from our place.

    They do amazing work for cats. Taking in cats, socializing them, finding foster and permanent homes for them, spaying and neutering, getting them health care, taking care of hoarding situations, setting up barn cat homes, and so much more all for little to no cost to the people who bring the cats in.

    Specifically, they have really helped us out! We had a large population of cats because they were originally feral and therefore never spayed or neutered. After a year of unsuccessful searching to find a cost-effective way of gaining control over the population, we found Paws Patrol. 

    They usually only work with local cats, but they accepted 4 of our cats! They took the cats, provided a shelter and food and water for them until they were sent to the vet to get spayed and neutered. Then they would keep them at their facility until we were able to drive an hour to get them or they would drop them off with us when they were traveling past our house.

    They also took in two of our kittens, socialized them and got them adopted.

    Lastly, and most impressively they took in one of our cats who was 10 days out from having kittens, and instead of aborting the pregnancy (which is the normal procedure for ferals), they decided that it was too dangerous to do that to the mother and actually found a foster home for her who allowed her to have her kittens and wean them. Then they socialized the kittens and got them adopted. Further, this cat was one of the most scared cats of our population and I never expected her to be human-adapted. But they spent about 8 month socializing her, and provided an eye surgery so that she became adoptable!

    They are so dedicated and give their heart and soul to these animals. I am so thankful for this organization and the work they do. They are a standard that I wish could be set for animal rescue all over the world!"    


  • November 18, 2015 4:53 PM | Anonymous

    We adopted Penny & Nickel almost 2 weeks ago and we wanted you to know that

    they are doing GREAT! They have integrated into our family very well and

    have been renamed Parker and Emma, respectively.

    Parker (Penny)  just walks all over everyone- literally and has won

    everyone over.  Emma was swatted by one of our older kitties the first week

    ( and has a little mark on her face - which the vet said is fine)! Now that

    is over with and everyone is playing and eating well together. 

    We have never adopted such well adjusted kittens!  Which is a testament to

    how hard you all worked to socialize them.  Bravo!!  Great job! We adore


    Thank you!!!

    Ginny & Pat Calento

  • August 08, 2015 3:36 PM | Anonymous
  • July 26, 2013 9:50 AM | Anonymous

    Paws Patrol would like to recognize Koraine and Ryder White for their rescue of a homeless and frightened kitten.

    Traffic was thick and moving fast on the I-10 going through Tucson, Arizona when Koraine White spotted a small kitten on the side of the highway.  As she pulled off the road, the kitten ran out into the traffic.  A car ran directly over top of it as it sat frozen in the middle of the road.  Untouched by the moving vehicle, the kitten continued on its path across the busy highway.  Koraine’s 14 year old son, Ryder, and his friend, Derek, jumped out of the car, and braving the oncoming traffic, followed the kitten.  

    The kitten, about eight weeks old, was terrified.  The boys managed to capture it and took it back to the car.  The kitten was bleeding from the eye and its face was swollen. 

    Koraine called Patti, at Paws Patrol.  Patti took the kitten to the vet who determined that it was either thrown out of a car or hit by a car.  The kitten was a young female, terribly frightened and bruised, but there were no broken bones or serious injuries.  Patti asked if the kitten had a name.  They boys named her “Highway” because they rescued her from the highway.  It’s an unusual name for a female cat but then we’re talking about teenage boys here……..

    Today Highway is in a safe and loving home. 

    It’s folks like this who make a difference for lost and endangered animals. Thanks, Koraine and Ryder! 

    Highway’s story is in Paws Patrol book, “From Feral to Family”, available through our website - or stop by the Green Valley Farmer's Market on Wednesday mornings.

  • March 11, 2011 1:16 PM | Anonymous
    Paws Patrol would like to recognize Lincoln Wilson for his extraordinary concern and care for a wet and frightened cat.

    On a rainy December day in Tubac, Arizona, Lincoln hauled his trash to the local dump. He heard “cat noises” in the dumpster and looked down into the nearly empty bin where he saw a small cat sitting in an inch of water. He asked the atttendant for a ladder, but no luck. He then drove home, picked up an extension ladder and drove back to the dump (over five miles). He placed the ladder in the dumpster and, armed with a box and towel, descended to the bottom. He managed to place the towel over the cat and place it in the box. He then took it to his store (Tubac Old World Imports) and called Paws Patrol. Lincoln said he would have kept the cat, but had a guest that was seriously allergic.

    It’s folks like this who make a difference for lost and endangered animals. Thanks, Lincoln!

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