What Is TNR?

TNRTrap, Neuter, Return - is the most humane method of managing feral cat overpopulation and improving the quality of life for feral felines. TNR has been practiced in Europe and the US for several decades. Research, as well as anecdotal evidence, indicates that it offers many advantages over the more traditional method of feral cat "control" - euthanasia.

Removing and euthanizing community cats, or moving cat colonies, does not reduce feral cat populations. Instead, it provides space for more cats to move in and begin the breeding process again. Unspayed outdoor female cats spend most of their lives pregnant and hungry. Unneutered tomcats roam to find - and fight to win - mates and often suffer debilitating wounds in the process. And, within their first year, half of all kittens born in feral colonies die.

Paws PatrolPaws Patrol believes TNR is the solution which leads to colony stability in the short-term and gradual colony reduction.

The Advantages of TNR

TNR Works. In addition to being more humane than other methods of community cat colony management, it offers many benefits:

    • Entire colonies of community cats are humanely trapped, evaluated, vaccinated, and sterilized by veterinarians.
    • Disease and malnutrition are greatly reduced.
    • The left ear is tipped, an internationally recognized sign that a cat is sterilized.
    • There is a decrease in the cats' hormone-driven nuisance behaviors such as yowling, fighting, spraying, and roaming.
    • The odor of cat urine improves about 50% after spaying and neutering.
    • The number of cats euthanized at animal shelters is reduced.
Adult cats too wild to be adopted are returned to their colonies to be cared for and monitored by neighborhood caregivers when possible.  And, as often as possible, we utilize local animal groups and individuals to seek homes for adoptable strays and kittens.

What is FeLV and FIV?



TRANSPORTING for veterinary care...

Fostering TAME cats and kittens for adoption...

Developing TRUST between cat and caregiver...

Working TOGETHER for the best interest of cats...

Providing THERAPY when needed...


Providing a NURTURING environment...

Meeting the NEEDS of the cat...


REHABILITATING when possible...

RELOCATING a cat when needed...

And Paws Patrol consists of a RESPONSIBLE and RELIABLE group of volunteers.

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