Florence & Poppi

February 24, 2018 1:56 PM | Anne Anderson (Administrator)
It seems Poppi is pretty much fully adjusted. She actually comes up to the couch now to play so I can play with both her and Florence with two feather toys at that time and I have played with them seperately too. 
I can approach her at any time now and Poppi will not run and I can pet her at any time. I have two cat trees and two cat condos and they have those marked out so each cat has their own and the same with the cat beds. The co-exist quite well and spend time on the couch together. Florence has staked out the chair in the living room as hers though and does not like it when Poppi tries to get on there. They have also been playing with each other a little.

It took a bit and I had to keep Florence from being aggressive with Poppi so Poppi could gain confidence but at this point it really cannot get much better. Just wanted to let you know they are happy cats and are at peace (99%) of the time and actually interact instead of just ignoring each other or posturing when one gets close by. I will probably not send another email for a few months just to let you know they are still doing fine but right now it is a great situation for all. 

-Brian S.

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