Paws Patrol Calendar

March 29, 2018 2:28 PM | Anne Anderson (Administrator)

"This calendar is from an amazing organization called Paws Patrol about an hour away from our place.

They do amazing work for cats. Taking in cats, socializing them, finding foster and permanent homes for them, spaying and neutering, getting them health care, taking care of hoarding situations, setting up barn cat homes, and so much more all for little to no cost to the people who bring the cats in.

Specifically, they have really helped us out! We had a large population of cats because they were originally feral and therefore never spayed or neutered. After a year of unsuccessful searching to find a cost-effective way of gaining control over the population, we found Paws Patrol.

They usually only work with local cats, but they accepted 4 of our cats! They took the cats, provided a shelter and food and water for them until they were sent to the vet to get spayed and neutered. Then they would keep them at their facility until we were able to drive an hour to get them or they would drop them off with us when they were traveling past our house.

They also took in two of our kittens, socialized them and got them adopted.

Lastly, and most impressively, they took in one of our cats who was 10 days out from having kittens, and instead of aborting the pregnancy (which is the normal procedure for ferals), they decided that it was too dangerous to do that to the mother and actually found a foster home for her who allowed her to have her kittens and wean them. Then they socialized the kittens and got them adopted. Further, this cat was one of the most scared cats of our population and I never expected her to be human-adapted. But they spent about 8 month socializing her, and provided an eye surgery so that she became adoptable!

They are so dedicated and give their heart and soul to these animals. I am so thankful for this organization and the work they do. They are a standard that I wish could be set for animal rescue all over the world!"   

- Catie A.

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