Every one of the cats we encounter have stories to tell, and these are just some of stories of special cats who crossed our paths and allowed us to make their lives—and ours--better.
  • December 28, 2013 8:18 PM | Anne Anderson (Administrator)

    You would laugh so hard if you could see him now.  He has got us trained to do a lot of petting and talking.  In the morning his routine is to greet us around 5-6am when we get up.  He talks all the time we are getting dressed for the day and walks with me to his feed dish (wants it filled even if it already has food in it) --- just in case!!  Then back to the footstool for a belly rub and he'll lay on his back until he gets it!! Then a quick little dance and down the hall to the litter pan.  After I have my breakfast, he will continue to talk until I sit down to read the paper. That's his cue to get in my lap thus preventing me from reading until he goes to sleep!

    His personality is starting to shine.  Well behaved except for the usual kitty curiosity.  Loves to be combed and likes his treats.  He was too big for a normal kitty bed so he has a box a big wreath came in with blanket and towel to muss up to his satisfaction.  Every cat we have owned has had a unique personality and Pun-Kin is no exception.

    We hope you had a good Christmas. We spent ours with our 'snowbird' friends.  May you have a blessed New Year with peace and joy.  

    Thank you for looking after God's creatures.

    Carl and Shirley

  • July 26, 2013 9:58 AM | Anne Anderson (Administrator)

    Domino was a Paws Patrol rescue when she got stuck in our shipping container and survived eleven days with no food or water. Patti Hogan caught her for us. We returned Domino to Wisconsin where she survived another winter while we basked in the AZ sun. 

    Upon our return to WI she took to us after many hours of love and patience. Domino now wears a collar and sleeps on our bed! The tabby is her offspring...Smokey Joe. We had captured all Dominos kittens and worked with a WI vet to have them spayed and returned to the outdoors. Domino elluded us for four years prior to being caught in our POD. Thanks Patti!

    -Ann H.


                                            Smokey Joe

  • August 23, 2012 7:40 PM | Anne Anderson (Administrator)

    Drooley, aka Walenga, came to us through Paws Patrol as a group of ranch cats we loved from afar. Over time Drooley started to be comfortable closer to humans.

    He started talking in combinations of meows and hisses. He seemed to want to be rubbed on but was still too scared. In winter of 2012 he finally got within arm's length and I was able to pat him. He started to drool from the experience (hence his name)! Since then he has become the coolest cat! I love that when I get home in the evening and he comes out from his hiding spot so I can see him. So I stop the car and get out giving him a cuddle before driving on to the house. He is just the best, and no matter what my day has been like at work, his cuddles make all the tension just wash away. I really enjoy each cuddle I get. He has turned into a big love-bug feral.   Bobbi Lehman

  • August 18, 2012 3:40 PM | Anne Anderson (Administrator)

    In 2009 we had recently retired and were new to Arizona and decided we would like to try fostering a kitty to go along with our two older cats.  We met Patti at Paws Patrol and received “Pepper”.  She stole our hearts and found a new forever home and became “Suzy”! She is the delight of the household and is definitely “The Kitty in Charge!”  Suzy has been with us for three years and we  couldn’t imagine life without her.  We highly recommend, if you are able to do so, to give a feral kitty a chance.  You may just save two lives!   

    -David & Gina D.

  • August 18, 2012 3:38 PM | Anne Anderson (Administrator)

    In late 2009 we lost our beloved Sundance and we so missed all the love he gave us. 

    We decided we wanted to share our love with another kitty.  When Paws Patrol showed us Shadow - he was called Sinatra then - we were sure he had been waiting for us to find him.  He has so much personality and talks to us all the time.  Every night he sleeps on our bed and in the morning races around bringing us toys so we can play with him. 

    Shadow is a joy and so beautiful.  

    We love him and Paws Patrol. 

    -John & Mary Lou G.

  • April 12, 2010 2:54 PM | Anne Anderson (Administrator)
    Mary and SpiceLast April we adopted Mary & Spice from Paws Patrol. What a joy they have brought to us. They have been "double trouble" at times and our house is completely re-arranged to suit their needs. We are trained just as they want us to be. Mary & Spice are the wonderful pets they are because of the dedication, and love, that the people at Paws Patrol have for these animals. Thanks for all you do.

    -Sandy & Ray 

  • December 17, 2007 2:51 PM | Anne Anderson (Administrator)
    FriedaFrieda is a small orange feral cat that has been in the same neighborhood for her entire life. She birthed and lost numerous litters over the last year or so. On December 9, 2007 she gave birth to a litter of 6 kittens on a patio chair. One week later, a coyote decided to come over the wall and visit. On his third trip (at 5 AM), Frieda decided to go to war, and she won (with a little help). That day, she moved her litter to the roof, and lived there for 3 weeks, only coming down for food etc., until she was captured in late December. Her litter was rescued from the shelter on the roof, and she and her litter were moved to a foster home where they stayed until the kittens were able to be adopted. Frieda was spayed and returned to the neighborhood where she presently resides.
  • November 12, 2007 2:42 PM | Anne Anderson (Administrator)
    max and SparkyA nice couple in Green Valley asked Paws Patrol to trap a very large tomcat who was climbing their screens and annoying their indoor only spayed female cat. He was so large that he completely filled the trap. Paws Patrol named him Max, for obvious reasons, and it was soon evident that he had at some point in his five years been a house cat. He moved into his foster home and much to everyone’s surprise, he was a great surrogate dad to the foster kittens, he just did not like adult cats. Then Sparky came to live with the other foster cats. His mom was feral, and he was a very young, frightened and sick kitten. For a while, it seemed like he might not be a survivor but then Max took over. His size and gentle nature made the little guy feel protected, and Sparky’s health began to improve. They were a definite Odd Couple and once again, Paws Patrol wanted them to be adopted together. Then a wonderful older lady came to an adoption fair and immediately feel in love with Max. She wasn’t sure about taking Sparky since a kitten requires more work, especially a very shy kitten, but she agreed to try it. Within just a few days, she understood why the two felines had to stay together and she constantly tells us how much love and joy they give her, and we know from their pictures that they are very happy indeed.
  • June 04, 2007 2:57 PM | Anne Anderson (Administrator)
    Big GuyIn the summer of 2007, a very large and seemingly vicious feral male cat showed up at one of the ranches in Paws Patrol's barn program. Her terrorized the cats that had been successfully relocated there and the owners asked Paws to trap and remove him. Big Guy, as he was named, was trapped and neutered but he had one eye which was quite enlarged and since we had no where to take him, we decided to keep him in a kennel for a while and see if he calmed down. Every time anyone went near him, he hissed, swatted and spat. Paws had never euthanized a cat for bad behavior but options appeared to be running out, and the eye might require surgery but Big Guy just couldn't be medicated. Then he tested positive for giardia and HAD to be medicated. Some weeks past and while he was recuperating with some other cats and kittens in kennels, a small black kitten got out of his kennel and crawled into Big Guy's kennel for comfort. The cat who was thought to be ferocious acted like a surrogate mother and wouldn't let anyone near the kitten. At that moment, the Paws Patrol folks decided to find a place for Big Guy, who was showing a tender side. Little did they know that he would find a foster home, get renamed Norman and fit in great with the family dogs, cat and foster cats! And the greatest part of this success story is that Norman is officially becoming a permanent member of the family. Not a bad ending for a cat who started out being a really nasty "feral" cat.
  • March 01, 2007 2:46 PM | Anne Anderson (Administrator)
    DaisyDaisy In spring 2007, Paws Patrol was asked to Trap and Neuter a colony of about 20 cats, and adopt out any tame ones to reduce the size of the colony. Although there were no tame adult cats in the colony, there were 7 kittens about 4 months old who might be able to be tamed, so Paws decided to keep them for a month or so and re-evaluate the situation at that time. During that time, the kittens came down with ringworm so over the course of another month, they were handled daily despite their hisses, scratches and other signs of displeasure. Once they were well, the general feeling was that they would still take many months of socializing so it would probably be best to return them to the colony where there were adult cats and a friendly family dog to protect them. Unfortunately, someone had killed the dog days before so Paws decided to keep the kittens in foster homes. The kittens seemed to know they were given a second chance and most were adopted. And that brings us to Daisy. She is a beautiful brown tabby who went to a foster home with many cats and dogs and held her own. She matured into a wonderful “teacher” for kittens, and one year after she left the colony, her foster mom proudly made her a permanent member of the family. Now she is learning to walk with a harness and leash so when she travels in the family motorhome with the other pets, she can go on walks around the country. 
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